Keiko Imaizumi


Born in Tokyo, Japan, Keiko Imaizumi graduated from Ochanomizu Women's University, one of only two national women's universities in the country.

After graduating she has spent 35 years in Canada, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates cultivating her eye for photography and in 2004 she earned her Professional Photographers' Certificate from Focal Point visual institute in Vancouver, Canada. Subsequently, she established Keiko Photography in 2005 and was selected as the Official Photographer for the Japanese Emperor & Empresss visit to Canada in 2007.

Since then, Keiko has opened Kcamerawork Studio in 2014 specializing in nature & fine art photography.
Currently living in Izu-kogen Shizuoka, Japan, her latest series focuses on using metallic prints, DiBond aluminum boards and plexi glass to share an original and unique perspective that cannot be captured or represented on a computer.

Award and Membership

AWARDS & Membership

Paris, France / Canada

Professional Photographers of Canada
Professional Photographers of British Columbia, Canada
( Best Award 2011, 2012, Accreditation 2012 )
Canon : CTS/Canada


Curriculum Vitae     



2019-20 CONTEMPORARY VENICE 2019 - Venice, Italy
2019 Setagaya Art Museum - Tokyo, Japan
2019 Onishi Gallery - Newyork,USA
2018 Bellesalle Roppongi - Tokyo, Japan
2018 Oxford Town Hall - Oxford, United Kingdam
2017 Beurs van Berlage - Amsterdam, Netherlands
2017 Shibuya Hikarie Hall - Shibuya, Tokyo Japan
2017 Setagaya Art Museum - Setagaya, Tokyo Japan
2015 Iroha Gallery - Ginza, Tokyo Japan
2015 Montreal Art Center - Montreal, Quebec Canada
2015 Tea Time in Shonan - Kanagawa Japan
2015 Meguro Museum of Art - Tokyo Japan
2014 Iroha Gallery - Ginza, Tokyo Japan
2011 Listel Hotel Vancouver - Vancouver. BC Canada
2010 Silk Purse Art Gallery - West Vancouver, BC Canada
2009 Silk Purse Art Gallery - West Vancouver, BC Canada


Plexi Print
Keiko Imaizumi


Acrylic Glass + Metallic Print + DiBond
The photograph is printed on Kodak Professional Endura Premier Metallic Paper and then face mounted to UV protective acrylic.

From there it's back is mounted to a DiBond aluminum board with a solid polyethylene core.

Dibond is lighter than regular aluminum, but is engineered to retain superior sturdiness and will not warp or bow like solid sheet aluminum.

Once the mounting process is complete, the photograph's colors come alive and is permanently encapsulated in an archival environment for decades.

The frameless photograph floats on the wall providing a very sleek and modern look.

Washi Print


Washi + DiBond + UVcut
A digital watercolor of European scenery printed on Awagami Bamboo paper then UV triple spray coated and mounted onto DiBond

Awagami Bamboo paper is a blend of natural Bamboo and Washi, a natural paper that is now on UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage list.

Lastly it's coated using the latest digital coating technology with organic choice.

Together you will look and feel a very unique contrast between modern and traditional, new and old.

2015 The Global Art League International Exhibition
San Maruco 20" X 20" CAD$1,200



48" X 32"........... CAD$2,400
30" X 20"........... CAD$1,500
30" X 16"........... CAD$1,500
24" X 18"........... CAD$1,200
20" X 20"........... CAD$1,200

30" X 30"........... CAD$1,800
15" X 15"........... CAD$   900
  8" X  8" ............. CAD$   450

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